LindseyHayesLindsey Hayes, National TV Host/Producer Destination Polaris- FOX Sports Networks & Made For The Outdoors-Sportsman Channel

“This is one of the most competitive industries in the country! To succeed, you are going to have to work hard, network and seek advice from some of the best in the business. Mike Isenberg’s wealth of knowledge about local, regional, network and national broadcasting will 100% benefit you. He understands the industry because he has lived it, both in the national spotlight and on a regional network level. Moving from small market television to a regional network like, FOX Sports Detroit, is a big transition; I didn’t need a cheerleader, I needed a coach/mentor. On a weekly basis, Mike would sit down with me one-on-one to provide advice about on-camera presence, script writing, interviewing and story ideas. Never be satisfied with good enough, always strive to be better. One of Mike’s best qualities is that he is honest: the good and the bad. Your biggest growth will come from identifying your weaknesses and focusing on improving those areas. He also helped me identify my strengths and what makes me most marketable. Mike encouraged me to follow my true passion; I am now a national host for two outdoor shows that air on FOX Sports Networks/Sportsman Channel. I truly LOVE my job!

 JohnnyKaneJohnny Kane, Host/reporter, Fox Sports Detroit:

“Mike was integral in bringing me to Fox Sports Detroit. For that I’ll be forever grateful. Having worked in the Sports TV business for more than 12 years, I’d have to say that Mike is one of the very best ideas guy people I’ve encountered. He helped me gain traction in one of the top sports markets in the country. Whenever I needed help with script writing or presenting feature ideas, Mike was enthusiastically there.”

 TrevorThompsonTrevor Thompson, Host, Fox Sports Detroit, President, Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association:

“I had already been in the market for a few years when Mike arrived in Detroit, and was pretty set in my ways.  There were still areas for me to improve in, and that’s where we went to work. Mike was so dedicated to helping me, I can never properly repay him in just testimonial.  We spent hours in his office watching video, and rehearsed from site on a regular basis. I consider myself fortunate and eternally grateful to have a boss who who took that type of personal interest in his talent.  It’s all about them, then about the show.  Whatever was needed, Mike would make sure it got done. There’s never been a more challenging time looking for a job in this business.  That’s where Mike’s experience (locally, at ESPN and at Fox Sports Detroit) in invaluable.  He knows what people want, and how to help you get there.” It’s because of those abilities, his passion and experience in guiding talent and resume-building that I hand-picked Mike to conduct webinars and workshops for our student members in preparation to entering this demanding and competitive field.  These are the best examples of the confidence, trust, and respect I have for Mike not just as a professional, but as a man.”

 Justin WhiteJustin White, 5-time Emmy Winning host/reporter, Fox Sports Detroit:

“As a talent coach, Mike has a unique skill set.  His experience in the business is invaluable and he has a keen eye for what makes quality television. What sets Mike apart is his ability to relate to his clients.  He is very easy to talk to and understands the challenges that come with being an on-air talent.  At the same time, he is upfront and honest in his critiques.  He may not tell you what you want to hear, but he tells you what you need to hear.  He’s very encouraging, and always finds ways to help you improve. Mike will push you to become the best reporter or anchor you can be, and he’ll do it in a way that makes you want to get better.  I consider him a mentor and a friend.