How does the process work?

Once you sign the agreement, you will send us a 30-60 minute clip (DVD, Youtube, or a link), and you will receive the most comprehensive review you’ve ever had. We will look at your appearance, delivery, the writing, editing and everything else that goes into what makes you special.

How does the communication between us work?

Within 7-10 days of receiving your information, we will have a review ready for you. We will email it back to you, and provide a hard copy if you’d like. We will then have in-depth discussions about what we’ve seen, and work together to figure out the next step. Think about it; you’ll have three different ways to reach out for advice – hard mail, email or phone contact.

What makes you different than other evaluation services?

The first part is quality. You are being reviewed by someone with more than 28 years of sports television experience. I know what hiring stations are looking for and will help you tailor your work towards that direction.

Is Isenberg Media an agency??

No, this is a coaching service. Our job is to help you to get yourself ready for whatever that next step is. We don’t make calls on your behalf. BUT, we do deal with agencies on a regular basis, and have several connections. We’ll help, but you do the work.