Bruce Bernstein, Coordinating Producer at ESPN for 30+ years:

“Mike Isenberg brings a wealth of perspective to his craft.  He has a rare combination of skills, having started his career in front of the camera and then spending 10 years producing at ESPN, then another 10 at Fox Sports Detroit as Coordinating Producer, where he discovered and mentored on-air performers and oversaw editorial content for a successful regional sports network.   His ability to identify, coach, and offer valuable feedback to talent has made those who worked with him much more effective in their careers.”

Josh Bernstein, Senior Coordinating Producer, MLB and NHL Network:

I worked with Mike for many years at ESPN.  During that time, he was one of the hardest-working and most intelligent people we had the privilege of having on staff.  Mike was my Assistant Producer for two years on Monday Night Countdown, where he produced and mentored many high-level on-air talent including Mike Tirico, Stuart Scott, Tom Jackson, Sterling Sharpe and Ron Jaworski.  Mike’s gift was his ability to connect with this excellent and highly demanding group.  I can’t think of a better coach to help anyone reach the next level of our industry than Mike.

John Tuohey, former Executive Producer, Fox Sports Detroit:

“In my 30+ years in television sports, Mike Isenberg has some of the most astute instincts when it comes to finding and developing on-air and production talent I’ve ever seen.  Whether there was a need or not, Mike was always on the prowl, looking at how to make our product better.

He discovered a news reporter from Monterrey, CA, who became a breakout star in one of the best sports markets in the country.  He found a local reporter in Lexington, KY, who became a five-time Emmy Award winner in Detroit.  In my opinion, he helped form the best collection of talent of any regional network.

But finding talented people is only half the battle – coaching and helping them improve is even more critical.  This is another area where Mike excels.  He constantly offers feedback designed to help the group become the best it can.  I can’t tell you how many times I saw either reporters or producers in his office, breaking down video and performance techniques.

If there are two passions that Mike has, it’s sports and television.  He loves to talk about both of them, and doesn’t want to be asked for feedback, naturally offers them up.  In this business, you’ll see people who are either good at seeking out talent or coaching.  It’s rare to see both.

Whether your goal is to break into sports TV or you are “stuck”, and looking to get to the next level, there’s not many I could recommend more than working with Mike.”