Mario ImpembaMario Impemba, TV Play-by-play for Detroit Tigers since 2004:

“I worked with Mike Isenberg at Fox Sports Detroit for nearly 10 years, and am still proud to call him a friend.  The two biggest words I use to describe him are passionate and insightful. As the play-by-play voice of the Detroit Tigers, Mike’s insatiable quest for baseball made for a natural partnership.  We spoke before nearly every home game, and the exchange of ideas make my job that much easier. Mike has a very strong grasp on what the viewers want to and needs to know about.  He does a really good job of putting himself into the role of the fans, which, after all, is why we do the games in the first place. Over the years, Mike has been extremely successful in identifying, hiring, and coaching new producers and on-air talent.  As they’ve grown, so too have their roles in our broadcasts. I’ve worked with several producers over the years, but Mike is among the most driven.  He’ll do anything to improve the product, but most importantly, to help the people he works with. Whether you’re trying to break into the broadcasting business, or trying to take the next step in your career, there’s nobody I’d recommend to help you reach your goal more than Mike Isenberg.”

Nancy Liberman

Nancy Lieberman, Basketball Hall of Famer, Asst. Coach with Sacramento Kings:

“I’ve known Mike for many years, since when I first worked as an WNBA analyst for him at ESPN. He is one of the best in the business he completely is supportive and put me at ease even before I went on air. Mike has tremendous wisdom and knowledge and he will make you better at anything you require. One of his pet sayings was always ‘You’re in the Hall of Fame.  I will never tell you what to say.  My job is to help you say it.’  Mike worked seamlessly with many talent and between any sport.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.   Sports broadcasting is about storytelling, and Mike is one of the best we have in our business.  He’s also fiercely loyal and will do whatever it takes to help his clients. If you want to go places in this business, Mike Isenberg is someone you need to work with.”

Craig Monroe

Craig Monroe, 9-year MLB Veteran, Tigers Studio Analyst, Fox Sports Detroit:

Craig called me immediately after his playing career had finished.  He had been interested in broadcasting, but had NO experience.  We had Craig come into our office for an audition, and I could see that had some ability, but needed to be coached.  We decided to take a chance and hire C-Mo for one season.  He and I spent endless hours in my office watching and critiquing his work, and each time I could see the improvement.  Craig has done the work, but I’m proud to have had a role in his major league success.

David OrtizDavid Ortiz, future MLB Hall of Famer, 3-time World Series Champion:

“When you play the game as long as I have, you know when a reporter really knows that they’re talking about.  Every time I talk to my man Mike, it’s clear – this cat knows his stuff. Whether you’re trying to get on TV, or move on to that next big job, local or national, this is the guy you need to talk to.  He’s like the Big Papi of TV coaching!”

Grant Long

Grant Long, 15-year NBA veteran, current Pistons Studio Analyst:

“The time I worked with Mike at Fox Sports Detroit exceeded even my highest hopes Mike’s ability to work with on-air talent as well as producers made for a fun and productive environment.  He worked with me on how to best make my points in the most efficient ways.  His common sense approach and willingness to let others shine makes for a winning formula.”

Greg Kelser

Greg Kelser, Former NCAA Champion, NBA player, current analyst for Detroit Pistons:

“It has been a pleasure being teammates with Mike and to be a part of Fox Sports Detroit’s numerous Emmy Award winning programs of which Mike has played an integral part. From the very beginning I found Mike to be extremely passionate and enthusiastic about sports. These of course are essential ingredients if you’re to have any success running a sports-themed operation. Another key asset is being knowledgeable. Again, Mike scores extremely high in this important category in my opinion. Mike is also astute at recognizing talent. He is responsible for the hiring of several personalities who’ve gone on to establish themselves quite well in many Fox Sports regions. These folks have added significantly to the quality of our presentations. The trait that Mike exhibits that I appreciated the most is his sense of caring. Without a doubt, he cared about the team. Nothing was more important to him than making sure we had everything we needed to be successful. As a leader he was demanding but fair and always professional. Mike is approachable and very easy to communicate with. You could always walk into his office, sit down and have a conversation about anything. He’s a very eager listener.”

Jerry Stackhouse

Jerry Stackhouse, 19-year NBA veteran, former TV & Radio host, current Assistant Coach with Toronto Raptors:

“I first met Mike towards the end of my playing career.  He had heard me on Sirius-XM Radio, and thought I had some potential.  Each time we played in Detroit, we furthered our discussion.  This cat loves basketball, but LOVES sports television! Over the years, we’ve had some terrific in-depth conversations and he’s never afraid to share his opinions regarding my performances, whether it’s working for him, or a different endeavor. Mike knows perhaps the biggest lesson in working with former players; we want to be coached.  Too many producers are too worried about kissing our fannies.  Not Mike.  He tells us what we need to hear, not want to. I’ve loved working with and getting to know Mike.  He’s given me much to think about in terms of future opportunities on and off the air.”

JasonGrilliJason Grilli, All-Star closer, 14 year MLB veteran:

Mike has been a joy to work with during my time as a professional athlete in the Detroit Market.  Recognizing his ability to put others in successful situations, helped me work with Mike extremely easily!!! His interaction with my teammates and I shows what a consummate professional he maintained, to be a presence in the industry of Major League Baseball. Not only is Mike an outstanding individual, I give him my full endorsement of his background and media experience because it was appreciated at the highest level of sports.

lomasbrownLomas Brown, Former All-Pro NFL Lineman, ESPN Analyst:

I’ve always said that an offensive line needs to come together like a glove.  Working with Mike is like having a Pro-Bowl quarterback calling the plays.  He really knows what he’s talking about, and if he doesn’t have an answer for something, he’ll find someone that does.  Between Mike’s writing and broadcasting experience, it’s an easy choice to have him coach you up!