Jay CrawfordJay Craword, ESPN Sportscenter Anchor:

“Honest feedback is something I’ve always put a premium value on, both in my personal and professional life.  Mike’s 28 years of experience – on-air, then at the two biggest sports entities in the country; ESPN and Fox Sports gives him the ability to tell it like it is, and to make it better.  He has helped me over the years, and he will do the same for you.  If your goal is to make it in this business (whether you’re starting out or trying to move on)– if it’s your passion – working with Mike Isenberg is an absolute must!”

Mike HillMike Hill, former ESPN TV/Radio personality, current Fox Sports host:

“Working with Mike at ESPN really showed me how a producer is supposed to be.  Television is about storytelling, and “Ike” knows how to get that out off his people.  He always puts us in a position to succeed,  and never worries about getting the glory.  To watch him work with everyone from Production Assistants to talent and other producers was like watching a proud coach. In the broadcast business, there’s nothing more important than honesty.  Mike isn’t afraid to deliver critical feedback when needed and we all appreciate him for it.  Again, he just wants everyone to be the best they can be. At Fox, he continued to coach, and discovered many young people who have become the bedrock of our company.  He knows what to look for; whether it’s a local news station or the two biggest Sports Networks in the world.  This is a guy you need to have on your side! So whether you’re just out of college, trying to figure out how to get into the business, an established broadcasting veteran, or even a professional athlete preparing for that next step, I cannot recommend my man Mike highly enough.  If you’re serious about broadcasting, he’s your guy!”

Bill PidtoBill Pidto, former ESPN and current MSG anchor:

“I worked with Mike at ESPN and he was a talent’s best friend, a producer who had great instincts for what what should be on the air and how it should best be presented. Since leaving ESPN and moving into management, Mike has done a great job hiring and developing talent and also working with and training producers. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike as a consultant for all aspects of the broadcasting business.”

Ryan FieldRyan Field, Sports Director, ABC7NY:

“From the very first time I met Mike, I know this was someone who knew his stuff.  One of Mike’s biggest strengths is, like the saying goes ‘Knowledge is power.’ Perhaps just as importantly, he loves to teach and coach.  His news sense is impeccable, and he is invaluable as a resource; whether it’s writing or just sharing advice.It’s hard for me to put into what Mike has meant to my career.  He knows what employers want, which helped me land onto the network level. Go ahead and work with Isenberg Media, and the results will speak for themselves!”

Dana  JacobsonDana Jacobson, former ESPN Anchor, CBS News Anchor:

I had the privilege of working with Mike Isenberg during my first few years as a reporter and anchor at ESPN.  I can tell you firsthand he had an impact on those of us in front of the camera that he produced while learning from us as well.  Watching Mike move on to management roles at FOX Sports, it was those two things that helped him grow and develop new talent.  He’s filled so many roles in the TV spectrum he knows what it takes to succeed.  He’s matter of fact, won’t waste your time, and knows the ways a reporter-anchor-analyst can differentiate his or herself from the crowd.

Jon Paul MorosiJon Paul Morosi, MLB Network insider:

“Mike Isenberg was the first producer to believe that a young newspaper reporter could succeed in television. He saw my potential long before I did. I was very raw when I started as a contributor at Fox Sports Detroit. I had information to share because of my writing background, but I didn’t know how to convey it smoothly on the air. Over the course of many conversations, Mike taught me how to do that. In fact, I jokingly called it ‘Isenberg University.’ Mike showed me how I could still be myself on the air, while making adjustments to improve the viewer’s experience. He was always there with honest and thorough feedback. Mike Isenberg is one of the people most responsible for my career in television. If I was starting over again in the business, or attempting to move on to bigger and better things, Mike would be one of the first people I’d call.  You should too!”

Steve PhillipsSteve Phillips, Host Sirius XM Leadoff Spot:

“When I first met Mike in the summer of 2004, I was an out-of-work MLB General Manager, who knew nothing about TV.  I figured I would be replaced at ESPN as soon as a big name superstar came along.  Through hours of critiques and feedback, Mike put me in a position to have a successful career as a game and studio analyst.  His early guidance allowed me to capitalize on the opportunities I was presented.  It has allowed me to branch into radio and digital media as well. He cares about the people he works with, and if you’re willing to put forth the effort, the results are self-evident.  He’s not happy until you’re happy, and that’s not always the case in this business.  He can play on my team anytime.”

Matt ShepardMatt Shepard, WDFN host, play-by-play, University of Michigan Basketball:

As a television and radio broadcaster, I think it’s vital to be challenged. It’s important to keep learning. As a Coordinating Producer with Fox Sports Detroit, Mike Isenberg consistently made me better by thinking of different ways to approach stories. He allowed me to be a better interviewer and improved my on-camera presence. Too many times in the communication business, the actual communication between management and talent breaks down, but not with Mike in the corner office.  His door was always open for dialogue and learning.  Those discussions, which could be monthly, daily, or anywhere between, were invaluable to my growth, and one reason was that they were discussions.  Mike is a terrific listener, and I always felt like he heard what I said, which made for a more productive final product. Mike’s guidance has made me a better writer, presenter, and overall broadcasting talent.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just out of college, looking for that elusive first job, or ready to move up to a regional or network level, Isenberg Media is a place you should be!

Jason JacksonJason Jackson, Miami Heat Pregame Host/Sideline Reporter :

Working with Mike was one of the highlights of my ESPN tenure. This is a guy who knows talent, and knows how to work WITH us as well. He is always prepared, and keeps his cool no matter the circumstance. When it comes to coaching talent and producers, however, that’s where he really shines. Mike is something we don’t see a lot in this business — he’s totally transparent and honest. He tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. Whether you’re starting off in the business or ready for that next step, I think working with Mike is an investment you really need to make.

Danyelle SargentDanyelle Sargent, Former ESPN and Fox Sports Anchor:

“I worked with Mike during my time as an anchor at ESPN.  He helped my confidence tremendously by improving my on-camera presence, writing and interviewing skills.  I made huge strides working with Mike that helped take my career to the next level!”


Rob ParkerRob Parker, Sports Personality, FS1:

Mike Isenberg simply knows talent, knows what viewers want. It’s a skill putting it together to deliver must-see TV. I’ve known Mike for years and I’ve worked in major TV markets and on the national level. Mike gets it. If you’re looking for the best and brightest to lead this ever-changing medium, I would recommend Mike.