Going Over To The “Dark Side”

I’ve recently made a career change.  After 28 years in control rooms, trucks and on the field, I’ve decided to become an agent.

As one of my friends put it, “What, you didn’t want to become a lawyer, a repo man, or go work for the IRS?”

If you told me in college that I was going to become one of “them”, I’d have laughed you out of the room.  I was going to become a sportscaster (and I did).  I was going to work at ESPN (and I did).  Then, I’d become a part of management at Fox Sports.  An agent????

Yes, over the years, agents have not always had the best reputations, think: guys with dark tans, slicked back hair, only looking out for the biggest buck, and not caring about anything else (Yes Drew Rosenhaus and Scott Boras, we’re talking about you.)

But as they say, necessity can be the mother of invention…

Last June, I learned that my job had been eliminated (while interviewing for a promotion, but let’s not digress).  My career was at a crossroads.  49-year old males in sports television management are not exactly high in demand.

It took eight months, but the epiphany finally came – while networks and stations may not be fighting over people like me, broadcasters will always need representatives.  There’s nothing I love more than coaching and developing folks.  Isn’t that part of being an agent?

During my career, I’ve learned that agents are like everyone else; there are good ones and bad ones.  And a good agent can be worth his weight in gold.  Broadcasting is a treacherous business for anyone, especially someone trying to navigate it by themselves.

So as I head into this new career I vow:

  1. To be honest, upfront and truthful in all recruiting and negotiations
  2. To return any and all messages in a timely manner
  3. And, most importantly, everything I do will be geared towards providing the best service for our clients, before during and after the job searching process. That process doesn’t mean finding a job – it means finding the right

It is truly an honor to join an established firm with a sterling reputation like MediaStars (MediaStars.tv).  They’ve set a high bar, and I’m going to do my best to reach it.

Mike Isenberg is the head of sports representation at MediaStars.  You can reach him at Mike@mediastars.tv.  Follow him at TV_Agent_Mike

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